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A Light in the Darkness

When we come upon hard times, it is easy to get lost in our pain. In our darkest moments we must choose to seek the Lord. Like many who have struggled with grief, Jacob was lost to his demons. His past experiences left him depressed and broken but soon he found his purpose through faith in Jesus Christ. This is his story:

My siblings and I did not have a very good childhood because my father was an abusive drunk. He beat me and my siblings, as well as my mother, who passed away when I was around 5 or 6 years old. After she passed, we were able to leave our abusive father. My grandparents raised us, and everything was well until they passed; I was 17. At that age is when I attempted suicide for the first time.

Throughout my life, I have dealt with mental issues and major depression, which caused me to be admitted to the hospital for my ninth attempt at suicide. I was there because I was struggling with the knowledge that I had lost my job, house, and car. These factors led me to living on the streets. I was struggling and needed help; at the hospital is where I first heard about the Star of Hope.

Since arriving at Star of Hope, I have learned to place my faith in the Lord. In the future, I hope to get back into retail, start going to a home church, and, most importantly, keep searching for my purpose in life. Thank you to all the staff here for helping me when I needed it the most.

After struggling with his mental health for many years, Jacob learned to put his faith in God. Your support allowed him to find Christ and a light in the darkness of his mind. Thank you for providing individuals like Jacob a new hope for the future!

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