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A House Built on Sand

At Star of Hope Mission, our goal is to help our residents through their immediate crisis situation, then to find or renew their faith in Christ, and eventually achieve independent living once again.

A gentleman by the name of Jon is a perfect example of how change can happen. Jon met Jesus in the Star of Hope Spiritual Recovery Program … like many men before him. His story is a testament to how God can turn a hopeless situation into a promising future, thanks to Star of Hope supporters, like you.

Jon had an ideal upbringing. The steady job came easily for him. He married and lived happily in an upper-middle-class home. They were blessed with two great children who grew up to be hardworking, young adults.

All looked good. But Jon’s love for alcohol grew until it took everything away — his family, friends, and property … one after another. So Jon jumped into Alcoholics Anonymous, completing three rehabs. He worked a job, and at the same time managed a sober living facility, and after that, a longer-term behavior modification program.

He had built a new life again. But that too was built on sand. “After all of this education and living in recovery 24/7, I relapsed after 2 years and became homeless. I was devastated,” Jon said. “I did not know how I failed again.” This time Jon fell to the bottom and he was living on the street. With everything gone, he decided to come to Star of Hope just to have a roof over his head. Someone told him about the Spiritual Recovery Program. The men in that program had a peace and confidence about them that was appealing to Jon. He was ready for anything, so he signed up. “From that point in time, my life began to change,” he said.

His questions were answered. His needs were met. The strength and joy he longed for, to fill the empty places inside, came. He grew in mind, body, and spirit and became humble enough to realize he could not overcome his weakness to alcohol without God’s help. “I failed because I did not have a relationship with God. Star of Hope has given me the opportunity to get God back into my life and grow that relationship.” Peace came when he trusted God for the strength to face life strong.

With your help, Star of Hope showed him how to use his skills to live a prosperous and happy life that honors God. Things are brand new and fresh for him. He has God-given confidence about the future, knowing he is in good hands.

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