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Lives are changed every day at the Star of Hope. By the grace of God and with your generous gifts, we assist individuals at their most vulnerable and help them get back on the right track to live productive, God-filled lives. I wanted to share one of our resident’s life changing story with you …

Hi, my name is Brit’nie and this is my story: The majority of my life was “Insanity” … doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I was introduced to cocaine at the age of 11, by my 12th birthday I’d dropped out of school and was on crack … not really the ideal life for a pre-teen. Now everything was about supporting my addiction, and I would do anything to get my fix … anything. A few years later when I’d just turned 19, I jumped into a car with a complete stranger, like I’d did many times before, only this time the stranger was a police officer. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by the police, they searched me and found drugs and drug paraphernalia. While I sat in jail, I prayed that God would save me … and he did.

After completing a mandatory 6-month program I was referred to the Star of Hope and the New Hope Program. There I learned about God, self-confidence, accountability, patience and how to cope without drugs. Star of Hope has taught me how to take control of my thoughts and actions, gain stability and sobriety and stand with God on my own two feet as a self-confident independent woman. From here, I want to work on my education, get a GED and then employment.

Brit’nie’s life was not ideal by any stretch, but God had a better plan for her. When God brought Brit’nie to our mission she was broken and in search of hope. She found that and so much more. Because of her faith in God, your generous donations, and guidance from Star of Hope, Brit’nie has a new life with a greater purpose!

Thank YOU!

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