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Jesus is restoring lives at the Star of Hope Mission! Every day, broken people come to our doors because they are tired of living apart from God. At the Star of Hope, their physical needs are met and God rebuilds their lives on His solid foundation. I would love to share one of our resident’s story with you … a story about restoration and a new life.

Hi, my name is Kimberly, and this is my story:

My life was simple at the beginning. I was a regular young woman going to school and doing what I was supposed to. Until one day, when I met someone that I thought loved me. I suffered through beatings, emotionally and physically, and eventually began to hate myself. After suffering through almost six years of turmoil, I lost my home, my self-worth, and most importantly my kids. I had a terrible addiction to drugs and gave up on life. But God had other plans for my life! I took my last drug and screamed out to Him for help because I couldn’t live like that anymore. I went into rehab where I got a chance to get closer to Him. Soon after completing rehab, I was blessed by being reunited with my son, little Isaiah.

We ended up coming to the Star of Hope with a strong desire to get myself together for the last time so that my little Isaiah will have the mother he deserves. My journey started in the New Hope program where I regained my self-worth, and I began to be happy with myself. I used those tools that I developed in New Hope to help me through my day-to-day activities and build a strong relationship with Christ. My faith was restored! I made sure to stay focused on God and was soon blessed with a new job! My future plans are simple … live one day at a time, handle my battles with God’s help, and continue to live my life for Christ. I would like to thank the Star of Hope for sticking with me through all the good and bad times. I would like to thank my family and New Hope sisters for their unconditional love and support. And finally, I would like to thank all the donors and volunteers for supporting the Star of Hope. Thank you!

I hope Kimberly’s story inspires you! Not only did she find faith in Christ, but Kimberly was able to turn her life around and be a better mother to Isaiah. Your support provided Kimberly with hope for a future, and that will have a positive effect for many years to come!

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