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At the Star of Hope, our desire is to heal the broken, teach them life skills and the importance of trusting in God, especially during hard times. Instead of putting faith in God, some of our residents tried to handle things on their own and ended up on the streets. A particular story comes to mind that I would love to share with you. This story is about a woman who thought she could fix her own problems without God, but would soon realize she was wrong …

My name is Jacqueline, and this is my testimony.

After 7 years of going back and forth from one low paying job to the other, I began to lose hope. Every door I knocked on would close in my face and I didn’t realize it was God breaking me down so that he could rebuild me. Frustrated and weary, I found myself stuck and crying out to God for help. I was raising my grand-daughter and I just couldn’t bear the thought of being homeless. But … God had a plan. He had a safe haven for us, a place where I would have no choice but to be still and do things his way. That place was the Star of Hope.

At the Star of Hope, I went through their personal development classes and God began to show me, the real me. At first, I didn’t like what I saw and I think I cried every day. But, over time God began to make major changes in me and at the age of 32, I finally obtained my GED! I’ve learned so much at the Star of Hope; like money management and computer skills to help me get a better job. Since I have been here my way of thinking has changed drastically. There is nothing that I can’t accomplish, as long as I put God first and apply myself!

My future plans are to get a job, continue my education, and to start my own business. I want to thank the staff for putting up with me, and all the donors and volunteers for giving with an open heart. Again, thank you All!

Wasn’t that a beautiful testimony! Jacqueline stopped trying to control her life and allowed God to take control. She learned to trust God, while at the Star of Hope, and her life began to fall into place. God saw a greater purpose in Jacqueline’s life, and because of your support she was able to see it too! Thank YOU!

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