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I find it so inspiring to see how God changes the lives of our residents at the Star of Hope. Many of them have endured things that I can’t even imagine, but I believe God has a plan to bring us closer to Him and ultimately make us stronger. I’d like to share with you this testimony of a woman named Elizabeth. Her life story is one of substance abuse that began at a very young age, and she drifted through life until she arrived at the Star of Hope.

This is Elizabeth’s testimony:

“’I’m Worth Something Today’ four words I never thought I’d say much less mean. My name is Elizabeth and I’m an alcoholic.  I started drinking around the age of 15, I’m not sure why, I just wanted to. I blamed my drinking on social pressures and family, but the truth is it just made me feel good. The drinking went on throughout my high school years, and after a DWI arrest and almost drinking myself to death, my family said enough and cut me off. Now, having no job, no money and a need for alcohol … I decided to use my dad’s checkbook and write checks to myself to get cash for booze. It wasn’t long before my dad realized what I was doing and called the cops, they arrested me, and I went to jail for forgery.

After my release I was told about the Star of Hope, and since I didn’t have any other options … I went to Star of Hope. Still angry and blaming everyone else for the bad choices I’d made, my transition into the program was not a smooth one. But after a few reality checks with the counselors, I began to take responsibility for my choices. I learned a lot about God and His unconditional love for me. I truly believe God used the Star of Hope to show me that I don’t have to settle for just anything because I’m worth something today.

I want to thank the Star of Hope donors and staff for everything they do. My future plans are to get my GED and go to college.”

Because of your support, life changes are happening at the Star of Hope and Elizabeth was able to tackle her addiction and get closer to God. Now she has a new opportunity for a good life.

Thank YOU!

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  • Jason Grier says:

    I have been a donor to Star of Hope mission for several years now, and am glad to hear success stories like those of Elizabeth. It makes me happy to know that there are caring people and organizations out there and that my money is going to an excellent cause.

  • Dairlynn Petit says:

    That was a powerful testimony Elizabeth shared. Hi, my name is Dairlynn Petit and I remember in July 1991 I had 17months of sobriety when I entered Star of Hope. My family kept up a lot of confusion and starting fights with me and I knew that if I didn’t change my location I would relapse. My counselors at Riverside hospital stepped in and admitted me into the salvation army and from there I came to Star of Hope. I learned how to live all over again sober in a healthy environment, going to meetings, churches, the dances, and the different groups within the facility. I enjoyed learning how to play ping pong and other games we shared. After a year at Star of Hope, I received my certification as a CNA and resume my career in the medical field working in the hospital. I was accepted in Housing and I was able to go back to get my two children to live with me in our own three-bedroom home. My daughter graduated from Prairie View A&M University and been teaching school for 24 yrs now and my son graduated from Houston Community College and he’s a forklift driver and on the same job 20 yrs. I have now retired from the field of Nursing. I’m an Ordained Minister, Prophet of the Lord with 30 yrs of Sobriety.

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