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When we think of all the hurting people who enter Star of Hope Mission, we often wonder what or who led them to our doors. I believe everything happens for a reason and God uses various people or situations in our lives to direct our paths. A story of a young man named Talton reassures me that this is true.

Talton was in high school when he started to head down the wrong path. Life was going good for him, but envy and greed took over and he started stealing. His love for money would soon cause him to end up in jail and lose everything.

Not only did he miss out on graduating high school, but he lost his families trust. Talton’s father was extremely disappointed in him, he wanted better for his son and knew who could help. “Dad told me he was going to take me to a place that would change my life,” Talton said. His father brought him to the Star of Hope!

After enrolling in educational and personal development programs, Talton soon realized that this is what he needed to get his life back on track. He worked hard to complete his classes, focused on growing with God, and eventually graduated! Today, Talton has a new chance at life and is enlisted in the service! He is grateful his father brought him to the Star of Hope!

When Talton lost his way, God used his father to bring him to our mission. The positive impact Star of Hope left on his father many years ealier, made him instantly think of our mission as the perfect place for his son. Because of supporter like you, this father and son were both helped by Star of Hope and became changed men. You helped make a difference in their lives! Thank YOU!

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