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At Star of Hope we see single mothers come into our facility broken and defeated. They need help providing for their children and are in search of hope. Through educational, personal development, and biblical classes, we can help our residents get on their feet, make positive life changes, and most importantly build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I truly enjoy hearing success stories of how we helped change a life. We recently had the pleasure of hearing a beautiful testimony from Evette, a single mother who struggled to find hope and a place to call home.

Before coming to the Star of Hope, Evette’s life was heading in a downward spiral. She was making bad decisions and ended up raising her children alone. Finally, she made the decision to seek help at the Star of Hope, and that decision helped shape her future.

Soon Evette would witness God’s presence and came to understand why she and her boys needed to be at the Star of Hope. While she worked on completing various development programs, she applied for, and received a part-time job that would allow her to start saving money … then the big change happened! “Because of the Star of Hope, my family and I were given the opportunity to move into our own home,” Evette stated.

Evette’s life was heading in the wrong direction, but God had a better plan for her and her children’s lives. Because of her faith in God and guidance from Star of Hope, Evette has a new life with a greater purpose! “I became independent, wiser, and a stronger mother,” Evette said. It has now been eight months since she moved into her home and not only does she have a new home, but now Evette has a full-time job and is able to provide for herself and her children, giving all the Glory to God!

Because of supporters like you, Evette is prepared for independent living. Thank YOU!

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  • Debbie Ann Krus says:

    What an enlightening story! Congratulations, Evettte, it sounds like you are making great decisions, working hard, and it is all starting to go your way with some help from The Star of Hope. What a great organization they are and it is truly inspiring to read about you both. I wish you nothing but the best, Evette.

  • Angelena Ruiz says:

    To God be the Glory!!!!

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