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Star of Hope has been a helping hand to Houston’s homeless for 112 years. Just when they hit rock bottom and feel like giving up, God redirects their paths and brings them here for a closer relationship with Him and a new life. I’d like to share with you a beautiful story about a woman named Renee who took the opportunity to open her heart and learn more about herself and God.

It was 2014 when Renee’s life took a turn for the worst. She was diagnosed with a health condition that would eventually cause her to lose her job and become financially unstable. As a result, Renee could no longer afford to live on her own, she ended up losing her home … and began living on the streets in an abandoned truck. Feeling hopeless and alone, Renee’s homeless situation was taking a toll on her. Then one day, a police officer found her living in the abandoned truck and brought her to the Star of Hope. It was at that moment Renee thought to herself, “God sent me an angel.”

When Renee arrived at the Star of Hope, she had a strong desire to grow closer to God and entered our Biblical Counseling Program. While attending the classes, Renee was humbled immediately. Her eyes and heart were opened, and she realized she didn’t know as much as she thought when it came to being a disciple of Christ. She learned how to love and care for others, how to forgive those who’ve hurt her, and most importantly, how to forgive herself. “My prayer is that God will guide me, and He will reveal to me what His plan is for my life,” Renee shares. With her trust in God, Renee has plans to find a job, with a new outlook on life and hope for a future!

Renee’s life is a living testimony of how God can use your temporary circumstances for permanent growth. Because of your generous support, her relationship with God has grown stronger, and she learned the true meaning of compassion and grace. You helped Renee become a better person. Thank YOU!

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