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On July 1st 1907 the Star of Hope Mission was chartered as a Christ-centered rescue mission for the homeless of Houston, and 113 years later, we are still serving those who need it most. Throughout the years we have been a shelter for those seeking a new start and true-life change. Today, with your generous support, we continue to serve thousands of homeless men, women, and children in our city each year.

Now, more than ever, I believe God leads each of us here to serve. He uses us to do His work on earth, to give hope to the hopeless and help the hurting find comfort and faith in Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate our 113th anniversary, please keep our mission in your prayers as we continue to serve those in need. I feel blessed to be a part of the great work God is doing here and look forward to what He has in store for our mission in the years to come! Thank you for your committed support. Without you and God’s favor none of this would be possible.

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