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Summer of Hope!

At the Star of Hope, summer camp is an exciting opportunity for the children at our Women and Family Development Center to explore the outdoors and learn about Jesus Christ! Camp for these kids is such a blessing, for many it is their first outdoors experience. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to cancel this year’s summer camp. It was heartbreaking to see the look on their faces when they heard camp was canceled, but our wonderful Youth Ministry staff saved the day and brought camp to them!

They put together exciting activities for our children to enjoy, while they practiced social distancing. All the activities were spread out and had cleaning stations nearby to properly sanitize the equipment after each child was done with the activity. The children were given a face mask and their own individual time slot to enjoy the different outdoor and indoor activities. Some of the activities they spent time enjoying were riding miniature horses, sack racing, riding a mechanical bull, painting, water activities, and participating in Bible study activities that shared the truth of the Gospel!

Summer camp is an opportunity for our children to get away from the stress of being homeless and experience the goodness of God’s creation, so we were glad we could bring the experience to them! Because of your continuous support, our children still enjoyed their summer break and have memories to last a lifetime.

As the start of the school year draws near, we anticipate having to provide continued on-site educational support for our children during this uncertain transition. Please pray for them and our children’s staff and consider donating to help provide the meals and activities the children would typically receive in school.

Thank you for making this a summer of hope!

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