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I am blessed to say that Star of Hope has recently celebrated six years of providing life-changing services at the Women and Family Development Center at our Cornerstone Community® transformational campus! We opened our doors in August of 2017; in that time, the Lord has done incredible things. I continue to feel more and more blessed each year that Cornerstone Community® continues to grow.

Star of Hope built the Women and Family Development Center for hurting people who need a safe space to stay. We have witnessed hundreds of program graduates and lives changed through your help. With the capacity to house 150 families and 180 single women, countless lives have been healed and restored throughout these six years. This would not have been possible without your help and the Lord’s guidance!

Whether through prayer, donations or volunteering, you have helped to build an incredible space for homeless women and families in need. I hope you continue supporting Star of Hope for years to come. If you have not, I hope you will consider supporting our mission in the future. Thank you, for allowing us to continue the legacy of hope!

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  • Elaine Teas says:

    I am so happy to hear of all the success of saving that many families & lives! A church group I am a part of recently sent out prayer for the Prodigal sons & daughters to return to their families or to a family who will take them in, if their family line is a stump or for some other reason they have no one. We have been hearing good results already, including my older son, who recently came to his senses & is starting to look to God for answers, strength & guidance & come home more often! We surely live in the Days of Elijah! Thank you for the report!! Also love the pictures!

  • S. Murphy says:

    Good ministry to support for their comprehensive approach in homelessness for it’s clients. I always check out administrative costs for any ministry, or charity before donating to see if more goes to administration or to the people needing assistance. Star of Hope surpasses that goal.

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