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Father’s Day is on Sunday! This is a wonderful time to reflect on our Heavenly Father and give honor to His name. For many fathers and all men who serve as father figures in our lives, God has been a great example of what it looks like to guide and care for others. Being a father isn’t easy, but God is always there to assist them along the way. A man by the name of Quinton struggled with caring for his son, but his relationship with his Heavenly Father helped him become a better father and man. This is his story:

    I was living from pillow to pillow for over six years, with only the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. I would stay with family and friends along the way, only to be put out for unknown reasons. I was not financially stable and was unable to care for myself or my son. This was a great burden on me because he is my responsibility as a father and at the age of 31, I finally realized I had to hold myself accountable. I also knew God had a plan for me to be a great man, a great father, and to remove me from the darkness I had been in.

    Soon, we found ourselves at Star of Hope! No more hotels, no more places unfit for humans to live, and no longer going from place to place. Here I set my feet stern to the ground, with God as my foundation and guidance. With the help of Star of Hope and its supporters, I can re-establish myself back into society as a man. Not just any man, but as a man of God … and a better father to my son. Thank you!

What a wonderful testimony! Quinton’s desire to be like his Heavenly Father grew stronger when he came to Star of Hope. Thank you for your continuous support of our mission! Because of you Quinton is on the right path in fatherhood and becoming a better man. I pray that you all spend this Father’s Day giving thanks to God the Father and to the men who lead by His example!

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