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We pray you are doing well during the current worldwide events. Here at the Star of Hope, we are continuing to serve the homeless men, women, and children who are calling Star of Hope home during this unprecedented time. As we continue to take all of the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment for our residents and staff, we’d like to pause a moment to say thank you – to our donors, volunteers, and friends who have so graciously supported us. Your gifts have allowed us to continue to provide the much-needed care and programs that are vital to changing the lives of the people we serve, people like Pamela … this is her story: I became addicted to alcohol … and staying sober was a real struggle for me. My problem was … I thought I could control it and continue to live my life and do things my way. Well, my way brought me periods of sobriety, that was immediately followed by relapses. This cycle continued until my addiction had completely destroyed my life. This disease of addiction is terrible, it lies to you and tells you everything is perfectly fine, and you can control this … well you can’t. My addiction put me in the emergency room with a blood alcohol level of over point 4, that’s a lethal blood alcohol level. After my third time being hospitalized like this, one of the emergency room doctors recognized me and referred me to the Star of Hope. I had no idea a place like this even existed, I felt hopeful and excited to change my life! I was ready to become a productive member of society again. With the help of Star of Hope I now have my self-esteem back, my relationship with God has been renewed and my love for Him is stronger than it’s ever been. I do not know what God’s will is for me, however, I do know that His will is NOT for me to drink and use drugs. I am truly grateful to the Star of Hope staff and their donors! You will always have a very special place in my heart. God bless you!” Pamela is in a much better place today because of you and your generous support of the Star of Hope. Thank you! Please pray for us, and prayerfully consider donating to our mission at whatever level you can so we can continue to provide life-sustaining services and life-changing programs to the least and the lost in our community. Your support is needed now more than ever.

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