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Star of Hope Mission works towards getting homeless men, women and children on the right path in life and closer to God. With your support, we make a difference in their lives. The road to success is not an easy one, but our residents learn to give their burdens to Christ, and they trust that He will see them through. A resident by the name of Mary Beth was heading down the wrong path in life until God stepped in. This is her story:

    When I came to Star of Hope, I had just completed treatment for a 3-day relapse on alcohol. The treatment program began my healing, but I knew I needed more. If I did not receive help soon, the broken things inside of me were going to keep pushing me to drink again. I did some research and found Star of Hope! I got to know God when I joined their Biblical Counseling program. My trust in Him grew stronger, and I surrendered totally to His will.

    The Lord has begun to heal me in a way that I did not think was possible. I truly have hope for the first time in my life … hope for my children and for a healthy, peace-filled life. Biblical Counseling has strengthened my faith and taught me to defend it. I know the Lord still has work to do, but with my new love and hunger for the Bible, I have a desire to follow His lead.

    Now, I plan to stay at Star of Hope while I work on re-activating my nursing license. I am excited to get back to my children, and I am ready to be the woman God created me to be! Thank you to Star of Hope’s staff for their words of encouragement and patience. Thank you to the donors and volunteers for supporting the Star of Hope Mission!

Mary Beth’s story is a wonderful reminder of God’s grace. Coming to Star of Hope helped her heal from alcohol abuse and put her focus on God’s plan for her life. Because of you, Mary Beth is a new person! She was able to let go of her addiction, and I am excited to see the wonderful things God has in store for her. Thank you!

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