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Let Summer Begin!

What child doesn’t love the start of summer? The school year is behind them, and they are looking forward to time spent with friends and family hanging out at the pool, going to camp, barbecuing and a host of other activities and events.

But what may seem like simple summer treasures for some, are out of reach luxuries for others, like the many children who will be spending their summer at Star of Hope Mission. The good news is that because of friends and supporters like you, we can provide our children with some of the joys and experiences enjoyed by other children in the summer.

Just this week Atlanta-based UniverSoul Circus kicked off our Summer of Hope with an exclusive sneak preview performance at our Women and Family Development Center. The performance included a ringmaster, dancers from Trinidad and Tobago, Fresh the Clown from Detroit and contortionists from West Africa.

Later this summer, our children will go to Camp Good News where they will spend a week fishing, swimming, horseback riding and participating in other activities that will share the truth of the Gospel and teach the children about Jesus Christ.

These are just a few of the ways your support makes a difference in the lives of the families we serve. But the needs at Star of Hope grow exponentially over the summer as we provide the meals and activities the children would typically receive in school. I pray that as you plan your own summer vacations and activities with family and friends that you remember the children at Star of Hope who are depending on us to provide them with a Summer of Hope.

Please help Star of Hope help these precious children with your gift today!

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  • Carla Henry says:

    Star of Hope helps so many children and adults to come back to life. I am happy to contribute to such a great organization that includes the Word of God as part of it’s help for others.

  • jennie riley says:

    It is very goods that the kids will have a safe place to have fun and to get to be physically active.

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