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At Star of Hope Mission, we strive to meet the needs of people who are hurting, homeless and in search of hope. We help them build a strong relationship with God while providing them with new opportunities and resources for growth. Our residents work toward living a self-sufficient life but need assistance along the way. A woman by the name of Leboria was heading down the wrong path until God’s saving grace moved her in the right direction. This is her story:

    Before coming to Star of Hope Mission I was struggling to fill a void in my life. I felt broken and lost, with no one to turn to. The only thing consistent in my life was my dysfunctional habits … using drugs to escape from reality. Soon, I was jobless and living on the streets. Eventually, I came to Star of Hope just so I could get help finding a job and an apartment. I thought I would finally be happy. Well, I was wrong. Even though I lied on my application about my drug abuse problem, I was placed in the New Hope program. This made me angry because I did not believe I had any real problems. I was in denial.

    In the New Hope program, I learned that not only do I have a drug problem, but I had deeply rooted issues such as fear, anger and shame. I fought against all the wise instructions, knowledge and correction every step of the way, but eventually submitted to God’s will. I realized I did not have the solutions to my problems, and I finally stopped running from issues that threatened to steal my joy. Thanks to New Hope, I received the healing that my soul had been crying out for. Now, I have the courage to forgive and the confidence to believe in the gifts that God has given me.

    My past is no longer something I fear or cower from, it has now become the source of my strength and motivation to excel in the future. I would like to thank the New Hope staff for their patience and for encouraging me to believe that I am someone worth saving. I would like to thank the volunteers and donors for all their support. To my family and friends, I want to thank you for being there when I needed you and loving me at my worst. I can stand firm on the belief that I am destined for greatness!

Leboria realizes her potential and is making a positive change in her life! I am grateful God saved her by bringing her to Star of Hope. She is ready to conquer each challenge head on, with the Lord at her side. With your help, we can get people like Leboria on the right path and closer to Christ. Thank you!

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