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We all experience tough times in our lives … when it seems like the storm will never end. But, when we trust in Christ, He brings us hope, and His word gives us strength. Some people who enter the doors of Star of Hope Mission have lost all hope and are in need of a relationship with God. A resident by the name of Jerry lost hope in life, fell into a dark depression and only God could save him. This is his story:

    I remember it like it was yesterday … my mom passed away and my life took a turn for the worse. I felt like my soul died with her. I found myself in a very dark place with no will to live, and I had nowhere to live. When my mother passed, I was angry with God and did not want anything to do with Him. I thought I was doing fine without having God in my life until I lost everything. Soon, I realized He was the only one who could save me and take away the hurt and pain I have felt for so long. God wanted to restore all that I had lost and brought me to Star of Hope Mission.

    I joined the Personal Development program and learned not to give up on life, no matter what my situation looks like. I grew in my faith and learned God is working things out for my good. Today, I can say He has restored everything I lost and more. I would like to thank my pastors and my church family for all their love and support. I am excited to serve those around me! Thank you to the donors, volunteers and staff for your hard work. To my case manager, thank you for your dedication and patience. God has changed me into a better person and now I can be a light to others!

God brings people here for restoration and healing. Star of Hope helped Jerry grow in his relationship with Christ and have hope for the future! With his newfound peace in God, Jerry can shine his light and help others out of dark times. You helped make this possible! Please continue being a light to those living in darkness. Thank you!

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