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Sunday is Father’s Day a wonderful time to reflect on God our Father and give honor to Him. Being a father isn’t easy, but God is always there to help fathers and all men who serve as father figures. A man by the name of Christopher struggled with being a father, but a new relationship with his Heavenly Father has helped him become a better man and father. This is his story:


I have been out here alone and running away from my problems for a long time. I lost myself in the street life, selling and doing drugs almost every day. I let cocaine and chasing money control me.  I was running because that’s all I knew.  After too many years of this, I decided to stop and face my problems. 


I was referred to Star of Hope, and there I learned that God is on my side and I’ve got nothing to run and hide from.  God got me, woke me up, and took me in.  He sat me down, broke me down and said, “make me proud.” I didn’t find Jesus; Jesus found me!


All of the classes here at Star of Hope have helped me stay focused and have taken all the weight off my shoulders. I have a son I now want to be a father to, and thanks to God and Star of Hope, I’m ready.  I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and now I’m not running from anything anymore.


Christopher’s desire to be like his Heavenly Father grew stronger when he came to Star of Hope. Thank you for your continuous support of our mission! Because of you, Christopher is on the right path in life, fatherhood and becoming a better man. I pray that you all spend this Father’s Day giving thanks to God the Father and to the men who lead by His example!

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