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Life can provide us with many obstacles, sometimes these challenges cause us to become lost. At Star of Hope, we help homeless men, women and children find the right path in life and become closer to God. You and your support make a difference in their lives. A resident by the name of Kathryn was heading down the wrong path in life until God stepped in. This is her story:


I am living proof that someone’s life can change for the better.  The majority of my life has been filled with domestic violence, alcohol addiction and drug abuse.  I lost everything, became homeless and ended up in jail.  It was then that God opened the door of opportunity and led me to Star of Hope.  He knew that I needed to learn about addiction and recovery in a completely different way in order to transform me.


At Star of Hope I have learned about the emotional, mental, and social factors that led to my addiction, what leads to relapse and how to prevent it.  I have learned how to let go of my guilt, shame and resentment and now have a deeper sense of spirituality for which I am grateful.  I know that God loves me, and I have turned my life over to Him.  God has set me free from my sin, addictions and negative behavior that I have been trapped in all my life. 


I now know that each moment is a blessing from the Lord, to be sober, living my life one-step at a time, one day at a time, using the tools I have learned at Star of Hope. I plan to continue my education and have a strong desire to share my experiences with others struggling from trauma and addiction.


Kathryn’s story is a wonderful reminder of God’s grace. Coming to Star of Hope helped her heal and put her focus on God’s plan for her life. Because of you, Kathryn is a new person! She was able to let go of her addiction, and I am excited to see the wonderful things God has in store for her. Thank you!

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