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I believe that God is watching over every one of us. In both the good and challenging times, He is there to guide us. Many who come to Star of Hope are in search of the Lord, having suffered alone for most of their lives. For Sophia, her abusive past caused her to feel alone and unsure until she discovered God was always watching over her. This is her story:

Throughout my life, my mother would physically and mentally abuse me. One instance of her abuse happened when I was in first grade. She had beaten me so badly that I could not sit at my desk. When my teacher realized this, she sent me to the nurse’s office, who then discovered the welts and bruises on my body. When I got home from school that day, a social worker was in our home telling me to pack up my things. I was overjoyed to escape the abuse, but my mother pleaded that she would stop … so, I stayed.

Her abuse continued, however. She would call me dumb, and I believed her. She told me I would never amount to anything in life, and again, I believed her. Eventually, I could no longer take the insults and ran away from home.

Eventually, I found joy again when I became a mother to twins at 22. These two babies were the greatest gift of my life. I love all of my children so much, and I pray that I will do all that I can so that they have a better life. The dream of providing them with a brighter future is how I came to Star of Hope and enrolled in the Personal Development program.

I have learned self-control, self-esteem, and integrity at Star of Hope. The Personal Development program helped me realize my dream of attending college and becoming a registered nurse, which has always been my passion. I will also continue to thank God for always watching over me and my children.

Star of Hope helped Sophia to regain her self-esteem after years of abuse. Because of supporters like you, she has new hope for her future and is thankful to God for protecting her and her family. Thank you!

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  • Rosalyn Drowley says:

    What a blessing to Sophia and others that have reached out to Star of Hope!

  • Natosha Lovall says:

    I am so glad that you first found God who is our EVERYTHING. Thank you God for always watching over her. I also am proud that you did not let your past define or hinder you from bettering your life. I know you will show so much love to your babies because you refuse to allow them to go through what you went through. Remember to keep God first and keep striving to better your future. You will do great and amazing things. In Jesus name, AMEN!!

  • Erin Chavez says:

    What a powerful testimony. I see a strong and beautiful creation of God with a strong purpose for your life. Bless you Sophia and your family!

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