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God is always present … even at the lowest points of our lives. Many people enter our doors lacking a relationship with God and battle with the desires of their flesh. They believe they are alone in their struggles and stray away from the teachings of His word. A man named Ernest fought with addiction until he realized God was there to help him conquer it. This is his story:

    I was just coming into three years of sobriety when I found myself drifting away from what kept me sober for so long … fellowshipping with the saints. Eventually, I returned to my addiction of crack cocaine. This time around, I felt torn in my desire to use, and I realized God still had me in the palm of His hands. I cried out, and God heard my broken heart. He placed wonderful people in my life, and they brought me to Star of Hope Mission.

    As soon as I entered the facility, God led me into the Spiritual Recovery program where I met some extraordinary men of great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! I really learned a lot from each one of them, and the classes taught me lifelong lessons. What really amazes me and motivates me to succeed is the love and devotion they have for Jesus Christ!

    Seeing what God has done in their lives and hearing their testimonies strengthened my desire to complete what I started. By the grace of God, I am graduating from the Spiritual Recovery program and starting a new chapter in my life! I want to thank Star of Hope’s staff, donors and volunteers for all their support! It is my prayer that the peace of God be with you all. Amen.

Ernest is so grateful for the people God placed in his life! Asking the Lord for help is not always easy to do, but once you allow Him into your heart, God changes your life for the better. Because of your support, Ernest is living a sober life focused on Christ and has a desire to succeed. Thank you!

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