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Celebrating Easter

I hope you had a wonderful Holy Week! Easter is on Sunday, and this is a wonderful time to reflect on God’s sacrifice and love for us. At Star of Hope, our residents are overjoyed to celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ! This moment reminds them that no matter how hard things get God is always there to keep them safe. When residents first come to us, they feel broken inside and are in search of hope which they find here.

Thousands who are at rock bottom and have no one else to turn to for help come to Star of Hope. They are desperate and have been searching for ways to fill a void only God can fill. With your help, residents have an opportunity to be successful and get a second chance at life. It is wonderful to see the love of Jesus light up their lives, one by one. They are redeemed and brought back to life! Let us proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ! Jesus has come so that we may have new life abundantly … through Him there is always hope!

I ask that you celebrate this new life we have in Christ, and help us share it with those in need this Easter. God gave us His one and only Son, and Jesus died on the cross for each one of us who reads this blog … and for each homeless person or family who finds their way to Star of Hope. Jesus is the star, for the homeless and all of us! As we celebrate Easter, let us truly walk it in reverence and meditation of the new life we have in Christ’s gift to us all.

May God bless you and Happy Easter!

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