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When someone is lost and in search of hope, it is important to go to God for guidance and understanding. Especially during these trying times. Hearing God’s voice is not easy when we are focused on our own desires, and this often leads us down the wrong path. Fortunately, God places people in our lives to help us along the way, to help us get back on track. At the Star of Hope, we encounter people who have let their desires get in the way of God and come here for a second chance. People like Cassey … this is her story:

    For the last eight years of my life I went from job to job, and always seemed to find something wrong at the places I worked. Last year, I started a new job working at a skilled nursing facility as a full-time medical records director. After a few months, things were not working out, and I lost my job on December 21 … four days before Christmas. I had no luck with my job search and had to figure out how to pay my bills and rent. I reached out to a friend to help me find a place to stay and she was my saving grace! She allowed me to stay at her house until I got back on my feet.

    Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the living arrangements changed. With nowhere else to turn, I decided to contact the Star of Hope Mission for help. On the morning of Aug 20, I entered the Star of Hope hopeful but frightened because I had no idea what to expect. I joined New Pathways and the Personal Development program, where I grew closer to God, acquired new life skills, and learned how to solve issues. I also upgraded my computer skills in PowerPoint and so much more!

    All this time, I believed that other people’s actions were the reasons why I ended up at the Star of Hope. Now I understand it was my own irresponsibility that caused me to be homeless. God brought me here and I learned to be a good steward of my finances and my life! To all the donors, volunteers, and staff, thank you! I am motivated to excel in my career, and you all have helped me prepare for real life changes. God Bless you!

Today, Cassey is on the right path to a bright future. She has a stronger relationship with God and has gained important life skills that will help her find greater opportunities. Because of your support, Cassey is equipped with the professional skills she needs to be successful in her career! Please keep her in your prayers, and consider donating to our mission as we continue to care for Houston’s homeless. Thank you!

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