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At the Star of Hope, we see wonderful stories of how God has brought hope to our residents’ lives. I believe no one is brought to Star of Hope by mistake, and this is apparent in their testimonies. Some life experiences are truly remarkable. We’ve all heard the stories of Jesus healing the sick and raising the dead to life … or making the blind see. I would love to share an amazing story about a miracle the Lord worked in the life of one of our residents, a man named Andy … who lost all his sight, but never lost hope!

For many years, Andy was a hard-working man, living a simple and stable life … until one day, all that changed when his employer’s business closed down. Andy became jobless and homeless with no idea from where his next meal would come. Eventually, he found refuge at his friend’s auto body shop. But as soon as he felt protected from the dangers of living on the streets, his health was under attack, and Andy began to lose sight in both his eyes. To make his situation worse, Andy caught pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. By this time he was completely blind in both eyes, but little did he know, the infection that landed him in the hospital would soon turn into a blessing.

When Andy was finally released from the hospital, he was taken straight to the Star of Hope, where he visited our clinic for an eye exam. The results confirmed he had cataracts, and although this was devastating news for Andy, he was happy to hear they were treatable. After finding the proper doctor, Andy had his first surgery to remove the cataract in one eye, giving him his sight back! “I’ve never seen anything so clear! I have 20/20 vision in this eye now,” Andy shared.

Not only does Andy have clearer eyesight, but he has a clearer vision of what the future holds for him! With help from his Star of Hope case manager, Andy now has his social security benefits and health insurance and is looking for his own place to live!

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Star of Hope is helping make a difference in people’s lives by opening the door for God to come in and perform miracles!

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