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A New Journey!

Last Friday, Star of Hope’s Youth Ministry, in partnership with Hope for Youth and Homemade Hope, held our 2019 Teen Graduation Celebration Banquet! This year we had the pleasure of celebrating 12 teens who accomplished this great milestone, 11 with aspirations for college and one teen with plans to attend culinary school.

This year’s graduates were given an opportunity to share their testimonies and share how Star of Hope prepared them for this new journey! One teen, in particular, had a beautiful story to share. When Ty first came to Star of Hope, adjusting to living in a shelter was very challenging for her. But with the help of our Youth Ministry staff, she eventually opened up and became friends with the other teens, with a goal to encourage new teens who were also struggling to adjust.

In a blog of her own Ty described her experiences at Star of Hope in this way. “Star of Hope has helped me see myself. Being here has really challenged me, and it has helped me understand the kind of person I am. Now I’m excited to pursue an education in social work in the law enforcement area. I want to use the talents I discovered while I was here at Star of Hope to help other people.”

Now Ty has a full scholarship for college and will have access to a food pantry throughout her college career! Star of Hope’s Teen program encouraged Ty to strive for success and now she motivates and mentors her fellow peers. “I thank God for bringing me here, for challenging me and showing me how I can serve Him by helping others.”

Thank you for your continuous support of our teens! Because of YOU, Ty found a new meaning of life when she joined the teen program and she is now able to further her education! I ask that you keep all of our teens in your prayers, and these 12 in particular, to stay focused and encouraged as they embark on this new journey!

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