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Life changes are made at the Star of Hope. Many of our residents have endured traumatic experiences and come to our doors in need of help. It’s difficult to understand the hardships God has us go through, but we soon realize it took a difficult situation to bring us closer to Him and ultimately make us stronger. I’d like to share with you this testimony of a woman named Mary, her life story is one of despair and defeat, and how she found a true reward at the end of her troubling circumstances.

This is Mary’s testimony:

“Prior to coming to the Star of Hope my life was in turmoil. I am a victim of human sex trafficking. I was physically and sexually abused for months, along with two other women until we were rescued by the police and taken to a safe house for survivors of human trafficking.

Shortly after being rescued, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and underwent surgery to remove it. Through all of this, I lost my home and my job and became homeless. One night while I was living on the streets, I was robbed and the officer that responded told me “God has a plan and whatever it is … it’s destined to come true,” and he brought me to the Star of Hope. This is where I learned a lot about God and His amazing love for me. I’ve been to several psychiatrists and mental therapists in the past … but this time, God was my therapist. He used the Star of Hope to speak life back into me. My life is going to be a star of hope! I’m somebody again and I am forever grateful.

I want to thank the donors, volunteers and staff for everything, but most of all, I want to thank God for putting me through this journey! If it had not been for the Lord on my side and His amazing grace, I don’t know where I would be. To God be all the glory and the honor!

Because of your support, Mary was able to regain her spiritual life and get closer to God. Now she has a second chance at life and wants to obtain a job as a security officer and ultimately have her own graphic design business. You helped Mary become a star of hope! Thank YOU!

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  • George Thomas says:

    God is able to change lives when we seek him.

  • Sandra Williams says:

    That’s a wonderful testimony. There are so many hurting and don’t know where to turn, but God’s amazing Grace helped me make it this far. I too was in despair, lost, but Jesus loved me and came to me just as I was. I haven’t looked back.

    Thank God for the Star of Hope

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