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Hello and Merry Christmas!

It is that time of year once again when we begin to consider “Christmas” and all the blessings of the season!

Thank you for your interest and/or participation in the Glad Tidings Christmas Adopt-a-Family program! For the past 30 years, we have shared the hope of Christ and supported families in need to have the opportunity to be adopted through our Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family Christmas program. We are so grateful that each year the Lord provides the Sponsors to answer the needs of each Recipient Family.

Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family is a Christmas Adoption program that allows qualifying recipient family(ies) to be adopted by community Sponsors; children are blessed with gifts and a grocery gift card is provided for the family for Christmas. Qualifying families were vetted and required to submit proper documentation to be considered as a candidate for our program.

🎄How it Works:

A Star of Hope Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family team member will confirm all Sponsors with the selected Recipient(s) that were chosen by the Sponsor.

    a. Registration Required: All interested individuals, organizations, and or companies must register to become a Glad Tidings Sponsor. Once the adoption selection has been completed a member of the Outreach team will contact the Sponsor via phone to confirm the selected family and provide key Glad Tidings program guidelines and dates. After the Sponsor has spoken with the member of the Outreach team an email will be sent to the Sponsor’s registered email address highlighting the adopted family’s name and contact information.

    b. Complete Adoption: After the Sponsor has selected their family(ies) and the adoption has been confirmed, an email will be sent within 48 hours to the Sponsor providing the family(ies) contact information and a copy of the family’s Christmas Needs List. Please check your spam folder for an email from

    c. Meet and Greet:The Sponsor will contact the chosen adopted family(ies) by phone and by email to schedule a mutual meet and greet with the adopted family and a date, time and location to deliver the Christmas gifts. This is also an opportunity to introduce yourself as a Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family Christmas Sponsor and share a word of encouragement or prayer with the family.

    d. Shop and Deliver: The Sponsor will prepare to shop for the family and confirm the date, time and location to deliver the Christmas gifts. All gifts must be delivered before or by December 8, 2023. Note: A mutual location can be determined to deliver the gifts to the family. For example, the Sponsor can deliver the gifts to the family’s home, or meet at a church, office, or restaurant. Please be mindful that transportation for some families is limited.

    • The Sponsor will shop providing some Christmas needs for children and a grocery store gift card for the family.
    • Gift purchase per child, up to $50.00 – $75.00 per child, at least 3 gifts per child. Sponsors are not obligated to purchase big-ticket items.
    • Christmas gifts may be delivered wrapped or unwrapped.

    e. Delivery Confirmation: Once the gifts have been delivered to the Glad Tidings adopted family, please send us an email to confirm your gift delivery at

    f. Share Your Glad Tidings Experience: We would love to hear about your Christmas Glad Tidings experience. Please send photos and share your story with us!

Once you have reviewed the gallery of Glad Tidings family’s needs list and their stories you may select the family you would like to adopt. Note: A total of (1) family can be adopted at this time. After November 11, 2023, sponsors will have the option to adopt more families.

Thank you for supporting Star of Hope Mission and thank you for sharing in the Christmas spirit of blessing a family in need. For additional information about the 2023 Glad Tidings Christmas Adopt-a-Family program, email us at

Sponsor Registration is open from November 1 – 30, 2023, to register go

We hope you can join us again this year to provide gifts for children and household supplies for the Recipient Family(es) of your choosing.

For more information about our 2023 Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family program, please feel free to send us an email at and someone from our team will be more than happy to assist you or visit to register as a Sponsor!

🎄Thank you for your support, tis the season to be a blessing!


Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family Team
Michelle Jones-Allen, Extended Services Case Manager III
Di Tubbs, Manager of Outreach Services II
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