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Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family is a program that matches qualifying recipient family(ies) with community Sponsors to provide children with gifts and grocery gift cards for the Christmas Season.

How it Works:

A Star of Hope Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family team member will confirm all Sponsors with the selected Recipient(s) that were chosen by the Sponsor.

a. Adoption Complete: After the adoption has been confirmed an email will be sent to the Sponsor providing the family(ies) contact information.

b. Meet and Greet: The Sponsor will then contact the chosen adopted family(ies) via email and by phone.

c. Shop and Deliver: The Sponsor will prepare to shop for the family and confirm the delivery date. All gifts must be delivered before or by December 10, 2021.

d. Delivery Confirmation: Once the gifts have been delivered to the Glad Tidings adopted family, please send us an email to confirm your gift delivery at

e. Share Your Glad Tidings Experience: We would love to hear about your Christmas Glad Tidings experience. Please send photos and share our story with us!

Once you have reviewed the gallery of Glad Tidings family’s needs list and their stories you may select the family you would like to adopt. Note: A total of (2) families or less may be adopted at this time. After November 19, 2021, sponsors will have the option to adopt more families.

Thank you for supporting Star of Hope Mission and thank you for sharing in the Christmas spirit of blessing a family in need. For additional information about the 2021 Glad Tidings Christmas Adopt-a-Family program, email us at

Sponsor Registration is open from October 15 - November 19, 2021, to register go to: