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Spiritual Recovery Program

Spiritual Recovery at Star of Hope MissionThe Spiritual Recovery Program is a six-month, Christian discipleship initiative based on the authority of the Bible as the Word of God. Men are counseled from a Biblical perspective, using Scripture to help them recognize and understand the presence of sin in their lives, and to guide, inform, correct, console, and inspire them in their recovery from its effects: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Incorporated in the program are several focus areas: process group, twelve step, drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, life skills, spiritual skills, career development, and computer learning. Also, the program provides each man with a work therapy assignment through which he begins to learn a Christian work ethic. Each participant is appointed a Case Manager who counsels and prays with him while modeling a mature walk with Jesus Christ.

Two other areas of growth and nurture are overseen by the staff of the Spiritual Recovery Program:

Transitional Living: Following commencement from the Spiritual Recovery Program, each man is given the opportunity to enter the Transitional Living Center (TLC) and to continue developing in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Once admitted to the TLC, men are expected to remain gainfully employed and to practice thrift and saving. The TLC is a year-long program

Cornerstone: A Christ-centered option for men facing special obstacles requiring long-term nurture and resources.

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