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New Horizons – Long Term Permanent Housing

New Horizons is the future made possible in the present for qualifying families and individuals who need a bridge from transitional living to total self-sufficiency. New Horizons is the road to permanent housing in a mainstream setting for formerly homeless individuals and families re-entering society after leaving Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Programs. Managed by Star of Hope, clients are offered rental and daycare subsidies over a period of 18 months…during which time the subsidy decreases incrementally, as the graduate’s increase their share of housing costs. Star of Hope provides continuing support and accountability toward the goal of total self-sustainability and independence. At the end of 18 months, the clients assume the full obligation of their rent and are fully independent.

One of the wonderful benefits of the New Horizons program is its potential for creating opportunities for personal and professional success, with the added benefit of reducing the recidivism rate among those individuals who have a history of criminal behavior, poor credit, or broken leases and evictions. Not only is New Horizons a fresh start, it’s a leg up on building a positive relationship with landlords and rental agencies.

Additionally, it’s a vehicle for helping clients to improve their credit history by paying their portion of the rent on time. Life-skills services; including financial coaching and a money management course; are invaluable for helping clients position themselves to increase their income in the short term, raising it to the minimum cited by the National Alliance as necessary for truly independent living in today’s economic climate, while boosting their potential for earning even greater income over time.


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Erika WiseErika Wise

Director, New Horizons