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30 for 30!

I am an expecting mother and as I was working on my registry, I realized how expensive diapers were. I knew for my 30th birthday that I would want to help several people in need in some way and came up with the idea to help at least 30 struggling mothers by donating a box […]
Before coming to Star of Hope, Ty and her mom were living in an apartment together. Money was tight, but they were getting by, living paycheck to paycheck. Ty said she thought everything was just fine. And from the outside, they did look fine. After all, they had a place to call home and were […]

Some Wounds Go Deep

When Shakela was a child her mother abandoned her. The message was clear. Her mother did not care for her and did not want her around. Later on her mother returned and told her daughter, “You are never going to amount to nothing.” Those wounds stayed with Shakela all through her young life. They drove […]
Frank is a smart guy. As a child he looked like a genius. By age 9 his works of art were hanging in a museum. Everyone marveled at him … wondering what he would do with his life. He joined the Navy as a young man, and then took over leadership of a business seeing […]

God Made You

“You are beautiful. God made you. You are a daughter of the King. You can make it through anything.” Jerrie said those words. She lives by them. They keep her going when her childhood fears return. The death of her mother and abuse from her father both weigh upon her. The sadness and shameful memories […]
When a person needs compassion, Star of Hope is the place to be. There are staff who once hit rock bottom themselves, and found comfort and help from the people here. Now they do the same for others coming in the darkest time of their lives — people like David. Not long ago David was […]