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Volunteer Guidelines


Please find our updated guidelines below.

In an effort to make your service here as fruitful and enjoyable as possible, we have developed this overview of our guidelines.We expect group leaders to review these guidelines with each group member before arriving and be responsible for group members strictly adhering to each item.

  1. Please dress comfortably, but conservativelyNo short shorts, tank tops or flip flops! Jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes are appropriate for most volunteer activities.  All shoes must have closed-in toes and heels.  All shirts must have sleeves.  Shorts cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee.  No shorts are allowed at the Men’s Development Center or in any of our kitchens.  Group leaders should be prepared and have extra clothing items on-hand for members who arrive inappropriately dressed.

  1. If you are scheduled to volunteer in any Star of Hope kitchen, please bring a hairnet or baseball cap.  Due to City of Houston Health Department regulations, we will strictly enforce the dress code.  Inappropriately dressed volunteers may not be able to participate in the project.  If even one volunteer is not in compliance with the dress code, Star of Hope is in violation of the City ordinances and can be cited.

  1. Unless you are hosting Snacks & Goodnight, all volunteers must be in high school or older.  Children who are younger than high-school-age are not allowed to volunteer or to accompany volunteers – even if they are with a parent.  Please make other arrangements for younger children.

  1. Be faithful in fulfilling your commitment.   If you must cancel, please let us know as early as possible.

  1. Since all projects are scheduled for a specific number of volunteers, we must know prior to your arrival if the number of volunteers changes.  If you bring extra volunteers, we will not have staff available to provide additional, unscheduled projects.

  1. Do not give gifts, rides or money to clients.

  1. Notify Volunteer Services in advance of any press releases, anticipated cameras or possible media coverage.  This will allow us to make preparations for clients who do not wish to be photographed.

  1. Do not photograph any client without the permission of our staff. This includes photographs taken by camera phones!  Star of Hope must have a signed photo release on file for each client photographed.  However, you are always welcome to take pictures of your group or the facility.

  1. Please sign-in at the front desk when you arrive and be sure to sign-out when you leave.

  1. Unless arrangements were made when scheduling your project, please do not bring food or snacks for our clients.  We do, however, always appreciate your non-perishable food donations for our kitchens.

  1. All tobacco products – including smoked and smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes – are banned from all Star of Hope locations and while representing our mission.

  1. Star of Hope prohibits the possession or use of dangerous weapons on Mission property.  Licensed handgun holders may not enter Mission property with a handgun that is carried openly or concealed.  Licensed handgun holders may store that handgun in a locked, privately-owned vehicle in a Mission parking lot.

  1. Each volunteer is a vital ministry partner!  We want to answer your questions.  Please be sure to ask.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Star of Hope!