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Transitional Living Center

Personal Development

Before effective job training and career development can take place, clients must be stabilized physically and emotionally. All Transitional Living Center (TLC) clients are required to enroll in the intensive Personal Development classes. These classes are provided on-site and include: participation by our TLC therapists. The Personal Development program provides education and assistance in:

The Personal Development Program also provides individual and group sessions that educate our clients on:


Career Development

The Career Development Program is a three-week course that is designed to assist clients in focusing on careers and not survival jobs. In addition, it provides a foundation for them to make the transition from economic dependency to self-sufficiency.

The intent of the program is to enhance the client’s level of acceptance so they are better off financially, spiritually, emotionally and socially upon successfully acquiring employment. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a job in the client’s career path and also on the importance of job tenure.