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2023 Star of Hope Christmas Gift Catalog

Giving a meal to a hungry person or a bed to someone who would otherwise sleep on the street relieves their suffering. You will also see gifts that break the cycle of poverty and misery.

Lives change as people learn new job skills or improve their education. Above all, you will see how your support for Star of Hope opens people’s eyes to the love of God. Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is the best Christmas gift of all! Please look through this catalog and become an important part of the lives of the more than 6,000 residents blessed at Star of Hope each year. Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Hank Rush

President & CEO


Gifts that Honor and Help

Remember family or close friends, business acquaintances or next door neighbors with a gift that honors them while helping others. At your instruction, we’ll send an acknowledgement card through the mail (download mail-in form), notifying them of the tremendous good you’ve made possible in their name. Or, you can select a gift opportunity below and donate online.

Give the gift of a good meal

You can provide meals for 20, 50, 100 or more people and be the answer to their prayers. Just about everyone prays when real hunger sets in. Your gift provides meals for those who struggle to put food on the table or go day to day looking for food.

Provide Meals for 20 people $56.00
Provide Meals for 50 people $140.00
Provide Meals for 100 people $280.00
Provide Meals for 1,000 people $2,800.00

Give the gift of shelter & care

Your gift provides a shower, a safe, clean place to sleep, meals for the day, a fresh set of clothes and someone to help. Your “No Worries Day” can be the first day of a better life.

Provide a day of shelter, meals & comprehensive care for 1 person $64.00
Provide a day of shelter, meals & comprehensive care for 7 people $448.00
Provide a day of shelter, meals & comprehensive care for 30 people $1,920.00

Give the gift of fresh clothing

For many, a fresh set of clothes is the first step to overcoming homelessness. It helps lift spirits and boost confidence. We are thankful for all the shoes and clothes donated to Star of Hope. They are put to good use. But some clothing needs are not met by in-kind donations. We urgently need gifts to purchase shoes and clothing for the growing needs of the children and adults we serve daily.

Provide the gift of shoes and socks for 1 child $25.00
Provide the gift of a shirt and pants for 1 child $30.00
Provide the gift of professional shoes for 1 adult $40.00
Provide the gift of 1 professional outfit $75.00
Provide the gift of shoes for 1 family of four $100.00

Give the gift of education

For many people coming to Star of Hope, their lack of education is the biggest obstacle standing between them and independent living. You can give people the tools to change their lives through education and job training. Your gift provides books, classes, educational materials and resources to help men and women gain the confidence they need to succeed in work and life.

Help one person with educational supplies $60.00
Help one person with tutoring $80.00

Sponsor a child

Childhood days at Star of Hope can impact a child’s character for life. The time and attention given to each child in classes, games, special events and quiet personal moments can warm their hearts, forever. Your gift will help a child feel loved and secure. All expenses for a day are covered by your gift. That includes daycare for the very young, classes and medical care if needed, as well as outings, shelter and transportation.

Sponsor a child for a day $59.00
Sponsor a child for a week $413.00
Sponsor a child for a month $1,770.00

Give the gift of Christmas presents

Give a child the toy they long for but do not expect. With your help, that toy they whispered to their teacher or wrote in their essay could become real. We try to get the toy the child has spoken of or something we think a child will especially like.

Provide Christmas gifts for 1 child $25.00
Provide Christmas gifts for 2 children $50.00
Provide Christmas gifts for a family $100.00

Every gift to Star of Hope represents a gift to our ministry of serving Houston’s poor and homeless. Gifts designated for a particular service are used as requested until that need is fully met. Any remaining money is put to use where it is needed most. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.