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Women & Family Emergency Shelter

This ministry began in 1986 when the face of homelessness began to change and women with their children were coming to the Men’s Shelter begging for a safe place to stay. The present shelter was built in 1989 and can house up to 300 guests in 71 rooms. The occupancy varies between 250 and 300 people daily, many of those served are children.

Within this facility is a medical clinic, a licensed day care, pre-school area, teen activity room, and a computer learning center. Volunteer tutors come daily after school to tutor the children and help with homework and enrichment activities. Education is strongly encouraged with all residents.   read more


“I will not fall victim to the street life again…”

On her first evening at our Women & Family Emergency Shelter, Anne was watching people line up for the meal when a woman next to her offered to watch Anne’s children so she could get their food. Anne was immediately suspicious. So the next morning, when the same woman offered to watch her children again, Anne asked her bluntly, “Why?” “Because everybody needs help sometimes,” the woman answered.   read more


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