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Frank is a smart guy.

As a child he looked like a genius. By age 9 his works of art were hanging in a museum. Everyone marveled at him … wondering what he would do with his life.

He joined the Navy as a young man, and then took over leadership of a business seeing quick success. Everything he did was successful, until the day failure came.

He had never learned how to handle failure.

His health failed. His emotions tumbled. He could not find a way to forgive himself for failing. Drugs helped ease the disappointment, but no matter how many he took he could not fight off the deepening depression. He felt suicidal and took to living on the streets.

“I’ve acquired a massive amount of knowledge over the years, but the knowledge I needed to live a decent and productive life totally eluded me.”

Chances are he would have died on the streets. But God had other plans for him.

In January 2014 Frank called Star of Hope seeking help.

“I was welcomed with love and understanding right from the beginning,” he said. He joined the Spiritual Recovery Program and over the next nine months learned to forgive himself and overcame his addictions.

“I figured if God can forgive all of us for our sins I can forgive myself.”

The Bible showed him what it takes to live a new life.

That new life took off nine months later when he graduated from the Spiritual Recovery Program and moved in to the MDC Transitional Living Center. With guidance from the staff he decided to study for a career as a certified financial advisor. Today, he is licensed and using his Godgiven skills to serve his clients. On top of that he started designing and manufacturing jewelry with his sister.

“Star of Hope helped me get that first job and opened the door to my future.”

Frank’s future is built on a rock. He has learned a great truth … “Do the right things and God will give you anything your heart desires. You just have to trust Him.”

You helped Frank find peace with God and himself. With your help Star of Hope showed him how to use his skills to live a prosperous and happy life that honors God.

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