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When a person needs compassion, Star of Hope is the place to be. There are staff who once hit rock bottom themselves, and found comfort and help from the people here. Now they do the same for others coming in the darkest time of their lives — people like David.

Not long ago David was reduced to taking money from the family checkbook and stealing from his employer to feed an addiction.

He was living a double life that he could not stand. On Sundays he would go to church and worship and then on Monday fall back into stealing and living a lie.

He knew God would not let him keep on this destructive path, but he could not stop. He was almost glad when his boss discovered the theft. But there was a price to pay. His boss fired him and could have pressed charges. Instead he just wanted the money to be paid back and for David to get help. Part of that was coming to Star of Hope.

Then soon after coming here, David’s wife left him. Now he needed Star of Hope more than ever.

Friends in his recovery group at Star of Hope gathered around him. He felt safe and began to open his heart.

“You begin to unveil and unburden yourself. You come clean as you open yourself up to those around you.”

Today, he is taking classes in psychology and theology with a goal to become a licensed counselor. God has forgiven him and now he wants to help others.

He says, “Never think that you have gone too far, or that your sin is too great that you cannot find a place of restoration.”

“No matter what you’ve done or how far you have gone the Father is still there waiting to take you back in.” — David

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