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In February 2018, Karin was accepted to Bethel School of Ministry. After discussing her plans with her family, ending her lease and selling her vehicles and furniture, she packed what was left and got on a bus for California. “I asked the Lord for direction, and I clearly heard Him say that I would be staying in a mission,” she said. She found a local shelter, and a month into her stay, acquired a job that provided everything she needed. After moving out of the shelter, Karin soon found herself in a terrifying situation. She was selected to be trafficked. “It is only by the grace of God that I am alive,” Karin said. “There were days I wished they would just get it over with and kill me.” After some time, Karin’s mother arrived in California and rescued her. “I asked her how she knew exactly what to do without all the information, and she said the Lord placed it in her heart to come find me. God is good!” Karin moved back to Houston with her mother, but the trauma she experienced caused her to feel unsafe, unsure and unsettled. She moved around, sleeping outside and couch surfing. She tried to keep a job, but found it impossible until she had stability. “I asked the Lord if He could find me a place where I could recover and gain structure again,” she said. The following Sunday, Karin attended Elevate Church and shared with an usher that she was homeless. That is when she met Ms. Kamila, who prayed with Karin and told her about her place of work, Star of Hope. “I arrived at Star of Hope on Monday, and there was a place for me just like my heavenly Father said there would be, I just had to be obedient,” Karin said. At Star of Hope, Karin is working through her past trauma every day. She is currently working on finding employment and hopes to one day even have her own animal care facility. “I want to sincerely thank Star of Hope’s donors and volunteers. With your giving, this place has become exactly what the Lord has intended,” she said. “I have had a chance to rest and reassess my future without the fear of bad people trying to take me again. God bless you.”

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