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They were inseparable from the day Naketa was born. She was an only child, and her mother was a single parent. They bonded as one. All was well until the day her mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer.

“Even though I was still a child, I chose to let go of my childhood and help take care of my mom. I felt that my mom made so many sacrifices and took great care of me that the least I could do to help was to take care of her.”

Naketa was 15 years old when her mother passed away. She moved in with her grandparents, and her aunts helped raise her. Time passed and Naketa became pregnant. A beautiful daughter was born. But for her own good, and for the well-being of her baby, she had to leave. “I had a friend here in Houston. So with two small bags and only two dollars to my name, we came and never looked back.”

Houston was great. Naketa found a job, bought a car and moved into her own place. But then she wrecked her car and her hours were cut at her job. Then they lost their apartment.

Fear surrounded her. “I remember silently crying in an Uber … from exhaustion and stress … on the way to a hotel. And then I saw a sign for Star of Hope.”

That sign changed the course of their lives. They moved to Star of Hope and left their stress behind. Right from the start, they felt safe.

“It was life-changing. No more feeling like a failure. No more feeling like a bad mom. No more hearing my daughter ask, ‘Mommy, where are we going to sleep?’ We had a home!”

Feeling secure and hopeful, Naketa began putting the pieces of her life together. She grew close to Jesus, feeling the same unconditional love she knew as a child, now complete. She also grew wise, learning to manage her money and time, and also improving her communication skills. Recently, she landed a great job as a receptionist with an accounting and finance firm!

“Although I had a few bumps in the road and personal struggles on my journey since I’ve been a resident, I have a new love for myself and most importantly a greater love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Because of you, this hard-working mother has a chance at a better life for her and her daughter. Thank you!

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