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Ross used to work in a radio station. That is where he learned about Star of Hope. “The radio station did a Star of Hope radiothon. I signed up to become a prayer partner and also gave small donations to Star of Hope, not knowing that one day, I would actually wind up here.”

It was a shock to lose his job in October of 2014. Being low on funds, Ross stayed with a friend for a while. When that fell through, he had nowhere to go. He was homeless. He had no family in the area so he decided to come to Star of Hope to start anew.

“I was nervous about being here because I had never been in a mission before,” he said. “I knew quickly I needed to start taking this program seriously because I didn’t want to stay homeless.”

Ross decided to enter the “Men at Work” program right away. “It’s 90 days of classes and a lot of Bible study. You’re in chapel 18 times a week,” he said. “You don’t get away from the Word of Jesus Christ in this building. Even the classes are all tailored around the glory and the love of God.”

Ross listened and learned. He grew close to Jesus, learning new foundations for his future. “You can’t put your security in anything but Christ. Not in your job, not in your home, not in any material things. Save your money, yes. Plan for the future, yes. But above all, if you haven’t accepted Christ, accept Him.”

Now Ross looks back at the trauma of his job loss and season of homelessness, seeing it with God’s purpose in mind.

“God doesn’t do anything by chance. There are no coincidences; there are only God instances. He has brought me here for a reason. I don’t know what it is yet, but it is for a reason.”

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