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Only God Could Save Him

Chineme grew up in a loving 9-person home in Nigeria. He and his siblings received the best education possible. The whole family attended church every Sunday.

They moved around often for his father’s job. His childhood was chaotic at times, but he felt God’s blessings in every area of his life.

Then, when he was 13, Chineme’s father suddenly passed away.

“It marked a big turning point in my life. Everything changed. All kinds of family problems, school problems and personal problems emerged.”

In his grief, Chineme began making friends with the wrong crowd. He was introduced to smoking marijuana and cigarettes and drinking. He lost his focus and his grades began to drop. However, he eventually graduated from college.

“For years, I looked for shortcuts in all kinds of schemes to strike it rich, until it became an obsession. Although I thought I came close a few times, it proved to be nothing more than a fantasy, made out of my wishful thinking,” he said. “I didn’t know how to let go, get up and keep going. I wallowed in self-pity to the point I got comfortable in it.”

It took a heart attack to bring Chineme to his lowest point. “I should have been thankful to God every day for keeping me alive. But what did I do? I locked myself up, drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and watched internet porn every day without any consideration for anybody or anything else.”

Only God could keep Chineme from giving up. “I was always expecting the worst, so I opened the door for the devil to attack me. In quick succession, I lost almost everything I had, but God kept me alive.”

After arriving at Star of Hope, Chineme’s life began to drastically change … for the better. “The spiritual recovery program is a powerful tool designed by God to rebuild our relationship with Him. It is Jesus in the morning, Jesus in the afternoon, Jesus in the night and Jesus everywhere.”

Chineme is a happily changed man. He is confident in God’s blessings and strives to rise above self-pity and keep moving forward.

“By always facing and answering questions I had swept under the carpet, confessing my sins, taking daily personal inventories and totally submitting to and trusting God, I have a new perspective and therefore a new perception of life. God is working in my life and I know He’s not done with me yet.”

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