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Looking back on his childhood, Michael described it as a “good” one. His parents taught him to work for what he wanted, his family had dinner together every night, he went to a good school and “grew up on a golf course.” But at the age of 13, he made a decision that would change all of that for him.

“I had my first drink and got drunk with a stash of liquor that had been stolen from the clubhouse,” he said. “From then on, I was always high or incapacitated in one way or another.”

Even though his addiction to alcohol eventually led to an addiction to drugs as well, Michael still managed to graduate from college with honors. However, he would eventually lose everything because of his addiction … two careers, a good relationship with his family, his marriage and his home.

After losing his apartment for the last time and living in hotels Michael reached the end of his rope and looked up men’s homeless shelters. That was when he came to the Star of Hope.

“At several points in my life I have looked up and found myself doing something I would never have planned, like being here at the Star of Hope,” he said. “Maybe that was the hand of God in my life.”

During his time here he has immersed himself in programs that have allowed him to give up his addictions.

“I have gotten clean and, more importantly, I have had a sense of faith and perseverance re-instilled in me,” Michael said. “I want to thank all the staff and, most importantly, I thank God for sparing me and allowing me to grow.”

Michael is already looking forward to his next steps … going back to work and moving on with his new life.

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