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“Looking back at August 2017 when Hurricane Harvey came through Houston, I was carrying a heavy financial burden. I found myself constantly asking God to help me get out of that stressful situation,” Melody shared.

The hurricane brought even more strife for Melody, causing her to spiral into depression. “I stopped going to church, stopped fellowshipping with my Christian family, stopped reading my Bible, and most importantly, I stopped praying.” She was completely lost, but she had people who needed her.

“I looked around my home and saw all the people who were totally dependent upon me,” she said. “My sister needed 24-hour care due to an aneurysm, my brother had surgery due to two heart attacks, my son continually kept chaos running rampant around me due to his drug addiction and my daughter and her three young children, who kept me sane, were also totally dependent upon me.”

All the pressure became overwhelming to Melody, so she cried out to God and asked Him to help her.

Melody was familiar with the Houston area and had heard of Star of Hope. “When I considered coming to Star of Hope, I immediately thought, ‘That place is not for me.’ I never thought I would have to come to a homeless shelter, but once I became a resident, I quickly realized what a blessing Star of Hope was,” Melody said.

Once she enrolled in the Biblical Counseling Program, Melody found herself in a much healthier place. “I have learned the importance of staying in constant fellowship with God. I have also realized the significance of applying God’s Word to my life and walking in obedience. I now understand that faith in God is vital to have victory over the daily challenges I face,” she said.

Now, Melody is finding new ways to walk with the Lord and serve those she loves. The darkness that once took over her life has turned to light.

Thank you for supporting those in need. Without you, people like Melody would be lost.

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