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During his junior year of high school, José was caught with drugs. He was suspended and never went back to school.

He had always wanted to go back to school or get his GED, but his addiction had taken hold and he could not stop. Nothing else seemed as important.

José dove deeper into his darkness. He cared more about the drug high than his own health. Then, one day, he was raced to the hospital in an ambulance.

At that moment, something clicked for him. “It was God who turned a light on in my head and let me know that I needed to make a change. I felt deep down in my heart that I needed help.”

José had tried other rehabs in the past, but nothing worked. This time is different. God has a grip on him, and he is thriving here at Star of Hope.

“Since I came to Star of Hope, my relationship with God has been a lot closer, a lot better. I’ve learned that I’m not by myself. God is always with me.”

Now, José has new opportunities. “At the Men’s Development Center they have a GED program so I can get help to earn my GED. Hopefully, I can go to college to become a welder or a mechanic.”

With a new direction and plans for the future, José is moving forward. “I’m learning from my mistakes. I’m a better person. My family sees me healthier, more knowledgeable and respectful. They are proud of me. I feel like I have succeeded at something in life.”

“I’ve learned that I’m not by myself. God is always with me.”

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