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David appeared at a recent Men’s Development Center program graduation ceremony as a fine, well-dressed man. Looking at him, you would never guess he was so troubled in his youth. When he rose to speak, he told of his high school years and when he was expelled from his first school for threatening terrorism. Forced to leave, he went to another high school, then another, and another, failing to ever graduate. Still in his teens, he fathered numerous children without any means of supporting them. “During that time, my life began to spiral out of control,” David told us. “I started using drugs, misbehaving on the streets, and being a womanizer.” David’s turbulent years continued throughout his twenties, but there was calm in the eye of the storm. “I had my back and forth moments,” David admitted, “but because of how I was raised, I kept a somewhat close relationship with God. I played on both sides of the fence for a while.” Eventually, David came down firmly on the right side of the fence. At that point, God corrected him … through his grandfather. “We got into a bad altercation, and my grandfather hit me in the head with a gun.” God can use unusual events to get a person’s attention. From that crack on the head, David said, he was “drawn to Star of Hope by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. What the enemy meant for bad, God turned into good.” “Star of Hope has humbled me,” David said. “It has also taught me to be a better person in God and in life, to be a loving person and to love others as I love myself. My goal in life is to be a better man.” Today he is standing strong , trusting God each day. He quoted this powerful verse to us. Today, thanks to your support for Star of Hope, David is on his way to becoming a successful businessman and a responsible father to his children.

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