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Ten years ago, Candice and her husband lost two sons. One was a year old and the other just a few months. Both had serious mental and physical challenges and were unable to eat or move. They lost them both in one year.

Divorce came soon after.

Candice had gone to college to become a surgical tech and had a good job, but losing her sons and her marriage drew her to drugs and alcohol. “I was addicted to meth for about 4 years … I lost everything due to drugs and alcohol,” she said.

When she got pregnant a third time, she was scared.

“But God gave me a healthy baby boy,” she said. “That made me realize I needed to get help. I have something to live for. So I decided to enter myself into treatment. While in treatment I learned about Star of Hope.” She thought it sounded like a good program and decided it would be the place for her.

In March of 2017, Candice took that leap. And she is happy she did.

“Each level of compassion from the counselors and staff has been awesome in this journey to recovery. I’ve grown closer to God and now God is number one in my life. I don’t go a day without talking to Him. They have helped me here with my journey with God.”

Candice has graduated and is now back in the workforce. She has new goals for her career too … she would like to take steps toward becoming a surgeon. Candice has a message for anyone who is struggling with addiction or despair. “Star of Hope helped me out of the black hole I was in, and they can help you too.”

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