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Greg walked across the graduation stage at Star of Hope. He had completed his recovery. Many shook his hand and wished him well. He felt great. He had a job and was going back to his wife as a new man, strong and ready to do life right.

He was ready … or so he thought.

All of Greg’s strength was not enough to resist the attraction of wealth, fun and success. He lost touch with his friends and teachers at Star of Hope and stopped going to church and found other things to do.

Then he found himself struggling in his marriage. He turned to drugs and alcohol. Before long, he separated from his wife. Then he lost his job. Next, his home. Then he ended up living on the street — with nothing.

How the mighty had fallen. Greg returned to Star of Hope a humbled man.

Sitting in the worship service one day, he listened to a sermon and saw himself before God, needing Jesus. He had confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord before.

He had said the words, but he had never allowed Jesus to be the power in his life.

Greg saw how he had relied on his own strength and experience. Going forward, he knew he would no longer rely on his own strength, living out of his past. He would rely on Christ’s strength.

Now God has work for Greg to do, and he is standing up for his faith. “I need not be embarrassed or ashamed of the gifts God has given me. I need to continue to operate in them and hone them and allow the naysayers and haters to fall where they may.”

“I also have learned the need for accountability in my life. I need people to help me monitor myself, not only to keep from returning to the mire, but to reach the level of excellence God desires for me.”

Greg, the servant of God, is restored, and thankful. “For the first time in my life I am doing things God’s way and it feels great.”

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