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Born and raised in Houston, Darrell knew the city well. He knew where to go to drown his sorrows when his second marriage failed.

“I began to hang out in after-hours spots with people who loved to party. Then I began using powder and crack cocaine.”

What started as infrequent usage turned into a daily obsession. The illusion he was in control faded and the reality of addiction set in.

“It got to a point where I didn’t even enjoy using anymore … but the cravings were still there.”

That’s when he began praying to God for help.

Darrell asked his daughter if she knew a place for him to go.

“All the places people told me about didn’t sound like any place I wanted to go. Besides, many came out doing the same things they were doing before they went in — that wasn’t what I wanted. But one of the members from my daughter’s church told her about Star of Hope and the Spiritual Recovery Program. So I came here and joined the program. Not once have I regretted that decision!

“In the Spiritual Recovery program, I was completely immersed in the Gospel of Christ,” he said. Darrell was surrounded by godly staff who opened his mind and challenged and guided him into a loving relationship with Christ.

“I’ve grown to love the people here so much,” he said.

Thank you for providing this life-transforming care. Every day, men and women come through our doors who need the same help Darrell received. Because of you, that care continues. Thank you.

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