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Transitional Living Center for Women and Families

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The Transitional Living Center is a year-long developmental program for homeless women and single-parent families. It is a lovely, residential complex of 45 single rooms and 62 apartments. You could think of it as a community, demographically characterized by single women, single moms with children and single dads with children. Through a variety of structured programs, the TLC presents many new opportunities for individuals to get back on their feet and successfully rejoin the mainstream as productive citizens.

The TLC offers an array of services to clients. For example, there is an on-site clinic staffed by visiting health professionals and a 24-hour help station; also on-site are daycare, preschool, and after-school accommodations. Participation in the program is divided into two tracks, once the basic requirements for acceptance have been met.

Clients who have their high school diploma and are not involved with substance abuse activities begin taking Personal Development classes following acceptance to the TLC. New Hope clients enter this phase only after completing the substance abuse program requirements. Personal Development is a six-week curriculum focused on life-management and parenting skills.

Having completed Personal Development, clients move on to Career Development. This program is three weeks in duration and designed to prepare clients to identify and seek employment opportunities that offer a career path rather than a survival job. They are taught work ethics, job responsibility, the importance of job tenure, how to build success, along with a host of job-related skills that create a paradigm shift from economic dependency to self-sufficiency. When clients complete Career Development, they begin their search for a job, a vocational training program, or other higher levels of education pursuant to gainful employment.



Your support kept this family together!

Amber couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten a meal or taken a shower.  She’d been awake for days, high on methamphetamine and smoking cigarettes in a tiny, dingy motel room.  Perhaps the worst thing was the fact that Amber wasn’t alone.  Her 18-month-old son Kaden was there, watching his mother fall apart.  Read more & watch video.