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Ongoing Needs - Accepted Donations List

Revised - Summer 2012

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  • Clothing-gently used or new- men, women and children’s - Clean and free of stains and tears
  • Pairs of shoes: clean, gently used or new
  • New undergarments: men, women and children
    • Bras and panties
    • Men’s boxer shorts
    • Socks and t-shirts
  • Winter coats, sweaters, jackets, etc.
  • Hygiene Products—new/unopened
    • shampoo, deodorant, lotion, soap
    • toothpaste and tooth brushes
    • toilet paper and feminine napkins
    • cotton balls and facial tissue
    • diapers, pull-ups and wet wipes
  • Bibles and educational books
  • Paper goods: plates, bowls, napkins, forks, spoons & knives
  • Linens--Clean, gently used or new:
    • Sheets and pillow cases
    • Bath towels and wash clothes
    • New blankets (no bedspreads)
  • Bottled water; canned goods (regular and bulk sizes)
  • Unexpired, non-perishable foods
  • Over the counter medications—new/unopened,
  • New toys and games (no bicycles)
  • Alarm clocks


        Not Accepted:


        To insure the health and safety of our clients, as well as make best use of our limited storage space, the following items can NOT be accepted:

        • Used undergarments
        • Used toys: used stuffed animals, used dolls, used toy trucks, etc.
        • Partially used hygiene products
        • Open, “broken seal” medical products
        • Pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc.
        • Mattresses, box springs, headboards, bed frames etc.
        • Computers, printers and peripheral equipment
        • Telephones, fax and copy machines, etc.
        • Paint, charcoal, matches and other flammables
        • Residential or office furniture and appliances
        • TVs, radios, microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.
        • Christmas ornaments and other seasonal decorations
        • Damaged, broken or inoperable items